Teachers 2018

Arnas & Kamile

Igor & Kristina

Mindaugas & Simona

Arnas & Kamile (LIT)

Arnas Jasiūnas is one of the top dancers of the thriving Lithuanian Lindy Hop scene. His original approach to dance will add to the knowledge of a dancer of any level. Arnas ideas are based on concepts of body movement, rhythms, and authenticity of both the dance and the dancer. With his dance technique and teaching methods in the background, Arnas turns the classroom into an effective workshop and gives students ideas for future training. His long training in music makes his dancing a creative musical experience.

Kamile Pundziute is a real treat in Vilnius Lindy Hop community, keeping it swingin’ since 2003, the very beginning of Lindy Hop explosion in Lithuania. Kamile has dedicated her life to dance. She is a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer and also a dance – movement therapist. She has traveled many places in Europe teaching, performing and spreading the love for dancing. Her education in somatics and movement therapy bring concepts of movement and following to a whole new level and is a base for her teaching. A knowledgeable approach coupled with an honest, joyful perspective of life is attractive for students. Positive experience guaranteed!

Igor & Kristina (RU)

Igor Ben is known as an inspiring dancer and musician. He fell in love with jazz at school. When he learned that jazz can not only be listened but also danced - he set a goal to learn it and very quickly developed himself as a dancer. Now Igor is dancing Lindy Hop, solo jazz, balboa, Charleston and Blues and has an exceptional vision of dance. He also plays in the band The Changepartners and is educating and developing himself as a musician. Because all of these, musicality seems a quite strong point of his dance. Since 2011 Igor has been participating in various competitions. He won a lot of cups, including the best leader in Russian version 'Glass Zebra" as "the best partner", which is awarded on the basis of public voting. Also he won a strictly competition in Herrang Dance Camp together with Anna Yakshina in 2013. Teaching is a passion of Igor. In a light and cheerful atmosphere, he gives quality dance teaching. The incentive of his teaching is the opportunity to share knowledge and skills through open communication with students. Igor is inspired by seeing that people, after his classes not only get new skills, but also an excellent mood which is the basis for achievements and victories


Kristina is a versatile dancer. Before the interest in swing styles came she had an experience in dancing and teaching break dance, house dance and hip hop. Now she is an amazing solo jazz dancer and a great follower in such couple dances as lindy hop, balboa and blues. Her followers skills, musicality and a freedom of variations is the thing to look at. She won lots of competitions in Russia both in the street styles and in the swing styles. Kristina is also a part of the Changepartners band, she plays the drums that can seem surprising.

Mindaugas & Simona (LIT)

Mindaugas is an international jazz dance instructor, performer, musician, teacher at “Lindyhop.lt” club and one of developers of a lindyhop scene in Lithuania. His biggest passion in jazz culture is the music. Being a DJ and a dancer in 2008 he came up with an idea to expand jazz culture in Vilnius by starting a band, consisting only of dancers - “Rhythm Junkies” and in 2011 “Home Jazz Five” now known as “Home Jazz Band”. Inspired by dancing his bands have different jazz era’s sounds and specialises to play for dancers. 

Mindaugas says, that the most important thing is to know jazz music from the inside. He is happily sharing this experience with his students. Together with the musicality, free movement expression, control and full dedication to the culture, Mindaugas classes are fun, full of joy and inspirational.

Simona Pogosian is a talented follower famous for her extraordinary choreographic skills. She started her dance journey when she was 4 years old. After trying different styles of dances she fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2004. Since then all of her time and energy have been dedicated to Swing dances including Balboa, Authentic jazz, Saint Louis Shag and of course Lindy Hop. Simona, together with her companions pioneered Lindy Hop in Vilnius. She regularly teaches there and abroad. 

Simona is known for her exceptional choreographic ability that turns her jazz moves into an original dance story. Her power to easily follow the rhythm makes her a flawless follower in couple dances and also spotlights her solo dance artistry. Don’t miss the chance to ask her out for a dance! You will not regret!