Bands & Parties


Sassy Friday Night Get-Together

On Friday evening there will be swing-party with the lovely The Changepartners band from St. Petersburg.

The party will take place at Erinevate Tubade Klubi in Aparaaditehas. (Kastani 42)

Time: Around 20:00, after Lindy Trip


We will have our main party on Saturday evening also at the hip and cozy Erinevate Tubade Klubi. (Club of Different Rooms, Kastani 42)

Live music is provided by fabulous The Changepartners (RU) – yes, fabulous, we loved them at our 4th Summer Swing and are so happy to bring them back to Tartu again. All the band members are dancers themselves, try to find them and ask for a dance 😉

Party starts 21:00, so you'll have exactly 270 minutes after the last class to get yourself into party-mood and rock on the dance floor at 270 BPM.


Starting around 20:00 we will have a party with, hand-picked performances and 1-minute-shows for all whose who have survived the camp. Music will be played by special DJs!

Place: Sisevete saatkond. It's a lovely boat-house+ dance hall on the river Emajõgi. The entrance to the boat is from the park next to Emajõgi, near the Munga street. Look for the statue of Kalevipoeg (ancient Estonian hero who looks rather like Tarzan :)). 


Party tickets

Tickets to parties are available at the door (in cash) 20€ for Friday and Saturday and 20€ for Sunday.

By registration to the summer camp you can choose party pass for 30€.  If you register to the whole camp then parties are included in the camp pass already!
Register here!