Do you need or offer host?

- You can offer host or search for a place to stay at our Facebook event.

How can I cancel my registration?

- If you have received confirmation and have paid your registration fee, then, by notifying us that you will not be participating before 23 June 2019, we will refund 100% of your participation fee. If you cancel before 19 July 2019, we will refund 50%. Cancellations after that date unfortunately cannot be refunded.

What methods of payment do you accept?

- Bank details are included in the confirmation letter of registration. Please pay by bank transfer.

How quickly do I need to pay?

- Once you have received your confirmation of registration, you need to pay within 7 days. If you have signed up as a couple, both participants need to make payment within 7 days.

I haven’t received my registration confirmation by email yet. What must I do?

- When registering, please check to ensure that your email address is correct. If you think that you have not correctly received your registration confirmation, please contact swingtartu@gmail.com.

What happens if I’m on the waiting list?

- Upon registering, you will automatically be added to the waiting list. We will check your choice of group, and if there are available places, we will register you and send you a confirmation email. The first confirmation emails will be sent out in the first weeks after the start of registration. NB! Based on our experience from previous years, it is likely that there will be waiting lists for individual registrants (we will take in a maximum of one extra participant per six couples registered). So ask around in your social circles to find a partner with whom you can register so that your place is more secure.

For which levels are you running classes?

- We will run classes at three different levels (continuers, intermediate, and advanced). To join the continuers’ course, you need to have completed at least the lindy hop beginners’ course, you know the basic 6- and 8-beat rhythms, and you can manage the swing out and lindy turn. To ensure that people of a similar level are grouped in the same classes, we ask you to fill out the registration form accurately with regards to your experience and dance ability. Teachers retain the right to change your group level if they find it to be necessary.​ Teachers preserve the right to change your group level if they find it’s necessary.​

Do I need to register with a partner?

- No, definitely not. However, registering with a partner for one level will better ensure your place.

Will be there competitions?

- Yes, at the Saturday party, there will be competitions: Jack & Jill, and Jack & Jill Invitational. Registration for competitions is on Friday from 20.00 to 22.00 (Erinevate Tegelaste Tuba, registration table) or on Saturday from 10.00 to 11.00 (HTG, registration desk). If there are still free places, you can also register on Saturday just before the party starts.

What is Lindy Trip?

- Lindy Trip is an exciting adventure with Jimbino and the band through the centre of Tartu, or in other words, a small procession together with dancing to discover Tartu. NB! If it is raining heavily at 18.00 and it looks like it will not stop, the Lindy Trip will unfortunately be cancelled.

When can I get my wristband and other essential things?

- The registration table will be open in the Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Kastani 42) on Friday from 20.00–22.00 and on Saturday at HTG (Hugo Treffner Gynmanium, Munga 12) 10.00–11.00.

What else is happening in Tartu at the same time?

- From 2–4 August, there is the food and wine festival. The streets will be full of food vendors and there will be a range of small events.

What else is there to see in Tartu?

- The Estonian National Museum, which has received many architectural prizes around the world
- The Ahhaa Science Centre
- The Botanic Gardens
- St John’s Church
- Aparaaditehas, or our Creative City
- The world-renowned Tartu Toy Museum
- Various Escape Rooms